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Recognition of Stress and Stress Management


Dr. Sally Safa

About Dr. Sally Safa

Dr. Sally Safa is a board certified Periodontist.  Alumnus of the University of Toronto where she maintains a teaching position as clinical instructor. Using the most up to date technology and evidence based approach, her goal is to be part of a team with her patients in achieving stable and healthy oral health. Dr. Safa’s Masters research was in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology, understanding the effects of stress on the body.  This background combined with her education in the field of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, has allowed her to share the science behind both stress and mindfulness with her patients and colleagues.  

In her free time, Dr. Safa is busy with her two children aged 15 and 12!

  • Location
  • Date 2022 May 27
  • Start time 8:30 am
  • Start time 11:30 am
  • Category Non-Clinical Dental
  • Credit hours 3
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